Gamepad Update

Author: From Steam
Date: Sat, 20 May 2023
The Floor is Jelly Game Banner
Genre: Indie
Developer: Auren Snyder
Release Date: Fri, 30 May 2014
Hi all,

Today The Floor is Jelly has received its first update in... well, literally years. Good news, controllers should now work as expected!

In this update:
- Fixed a bug that required players to connect their controller after launching the game in order to use it. Supported controllers should now work automatically.
- Fixed a softlock caused by feeding too many ribbons to the ribbon gates. Feed them as many as you like.
- Fixed a bug in the speedrun achievement that required you to beat the game in under 15 minutes (which would be well under WR right now). It now requires a sub 30 time, as the description says.
- Fixed a rare bug that caused the computer terminals to not render.
- Fixed a rare bug that caused the final section of the game to be inaccessible for some players.
- Fixed a rare bug that made the ground in the final level invisible.
- Slightly improved general performance. The game should now run a bit smoother for more people :)
- Other stuff that I forgot to write down?

Unless major bugs are reported in the future, this likely represents the game's final update. I want to thank everyone who has played the game so far, and apologize for making you unplug and plug back in your controllers for so many years!

- Ian