[CMTY] Edited: Play Achel with GM

Author: From Steam
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2023
Game: Vindictus
Vindictus Game Banner
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Developer: devCAT
Release Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012
Edited: EU GM On-time reward reset time has been modified.

Event Period: 8/23/2023 (Wed) - 9/5/2023 (Tue), every day except Tuesdays

GMs Damiano and Stefanie will log into Vindictus as a Lv. 1 Achel.
We want to grow as Achel alongside other Mercenaries!
Log into Channel 1 during the times listed in the GM On-Time Schedule and look for the GM!
We'll also be holding screenshot events and handing out On-Time Rewards!

1. GM On-Time Schedule
> NA (Stefanie) - Every weekday 1:30 AM UTC - 3:00 AM UTC / 5:00 AM UTC - 07:30 AM UTC
> EU (Damiano) - Every weekday 6:00 AM UTC - 10:00 AM UTC
* There will be a notice on the Discord channel #Play-Achel-event 15 minutes before a GM logs in.
* The GM On-time schedule is subject to change. Any significant changes will be announced through Discord.

2. GM On-Time Rewards
> Reward: Lovely Lucky Bath Soap
> Reward Count: 1 per day
> Reward Reset Time: NA - 2:00 AM UTC (Weekdays except Tuesday) / EU - 10:00 4:00 AM UTC (Except Friday and Saturday)

3. Screenshot With A GM Event
- How to Participate
1. Walk around town to find a GM that's currently playing.
2. Take a screenshot with the GM's character.
3. Upload your screenshot to the #Play-Achel-event Discord Channel.
* Some screenshots will be posted on the official homepage!

4. All-Achel Group Picture Event
- How to Participate
1. Vote for the schedule you'd prefer on the Discord channel #Play-Achel-event
2. After the vote, log in at the winning time on 9/1/2023 (Friday) in Channel 1 The Way to Rocheste. Meet up with other Achels, including a GM.
3. Pose so that the GM can take a screenshot.
* The screenshots will be posted on the official homepage along with the selected Screenshot With A GM Event screenshots.
* Please make sure you participate with an Achel character.

5. Caution
- GMs cannot be sent DMs or friend requests.

Click Here to join the Vindictus official discord!!