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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-12-07 Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Sports Developer: SAT-BOX Publisher: SAT-BOX Website: null

Game Description

Everyone's out in the snow for some frosty fun!

Play 10 kinds of winter sports!
There's curling, ice hockey, snow mobile races,
snowball fights, and more to enjoy!

Collect coins as you take on
all the games in Single Player mode!
Become the Winter Sports Champion!

- Snowboarding -
Head for the goal as you pull off cool tricks!
- Alpine Skiing -
Hit the turns at top speeds as you race to the finish!
- Ice Hockey -
Take to the rink for an icy clash!
- Speed Skating -
Slip, slide and glide in a scramble for victory!
- Ice Fishing -
Get ready, stay steady, and go fish!
- Curling -
Guide the stone home!
- Biathlon -
Ski and shoot your way to 1st place!
- Snowball Fight -
The gloves are on for a snowball scuffle!
- Ski Jump -
Aim high and fly far, in style!
- Snowmobile -
A white hot race to the finish!