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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-05-26 Genre: RPG, Simulation Developer: Kokutou Umeboshi Publisher: Kokutou Umeboshi Website: null

Game Description

~Daydream~is an action 2D platform jumping game.
During the game can unlock two jump, float, climb and other skills through the level.

◆Game Introduction
The girl woke up in a dark wasteland and couldn't think of anything.
It was a terrible world, full of dangers and full of wandering dark shadows.
Be careful not to get caught by them.

Suddenly, a mysterious white-haired woman appeared in front of you, and she glanced back at you lightly and disappeared.
Catch up, search for lost memories, gain bizarre abilities, and travel to the depths of the world!

"Welcome to the ██courtyard——""

◆Characters gradually change their character's image as they gain abilities.
◆Voiced by an all-Japanese voice actor
◆The content is equipped with beautiful animations.
◆Press the TAB key in-game to open the how-to guide.


Patch 5.28

Basically solved the game crash after some players exit the memory room.The opening state of the door will now be saved after the game is opened (it will be reworked next time the game is opened).Add