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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2023-01-26 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Sengi Games Publisher: Sengi Games Website:

Game Description

The young witch Horpyna, with the help of the ancient Grimoire, has summoned a familiar, but owing to the lack of experience, she isn't able to cope with the magic book and the spell has remained incomplete. After the unsuccessful use, the irrepressible book returns to its author from the other world, uncontrollably summoning horrifying monsters. The only salvation is to stop the book and prevent evil forces from taking over the world.
Bosorka is an exciting action game that combines the best elements of the roguelike and shoot 'em up genres with incredibly stylized top-down 3D visualization. Immerse yourself in this dark fantasy world and show the demons who's the power to be reckoned with.

Exciting journeys to various locations

Several huge levels are generated from manually created parts. Each level is an independent biome with its own unique atmosphere, mysteries and dangerous creatures. Secret rooms, hidden passages, breathtaking landscapes, and lots of valuable things that can be encountered in unexpected places provide a real incentive to explore the environment.

Bosses from the netherworld

At the end of each level, you will meet powerful monsters that guard the passages to the next locations, preventing you from following the book. Each monster has an exceptional set of uncanny abilities and is capable of incinerating you in an instant, so one should be well prepared for this encounter.

Companion Demons

In the midst of a circle of evil demons, there may be renegades who have not been affected by evil spells and have no bad intentions. Lovely creatures, surprisingly loyal to those who save them. Raise an entire army of companions who will help you in the fight against the enemy. Some of them have marvelous abilities that will definitely come in handy.

Caution! Dangerous Spells

Destroy enemy hordes of evil creatures by means of powerful spells. Burn, freeze, strike with incredible lightning bolts, or pelt everyone with slimy frogs — there're various spells to suit every taste. Mysterious mirrors hidden in different corners of these regions will reveal to you new spells to defend this world from. Find them and develop the tactics to wipe out the evil.

Amazing combinations of collected items

Strong health, protective shell, poisonous touch or a deadly whirlwind around you, and perhaps even more. Make your own unique collection of runes. Each rune performs only one function, but the combination of several of them can significantly change the entire gameplay, turning you into a real natural calamity. And now, who is hunting who?

Exciting flight on a broomstick

An enchanted witch's broom is not only a means of transportation. Each broom has its own specialty and is capable of a great deal more than just flying. Unblock all the brooms, master their special skills, and you will surely find your favorite to lead you to victory.