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My Pet Rock

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2017-01-23 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Carl Games Publisher: Carl Games Website:

Game Description

My Pet Rock is a top down planet defense with rogue-lite, bullet-hell, and arcade elements. You are tasked with defending a rock against endless waves of miners and other hostile enemies, as well as fighting difficult bosses. Game play becomes increasingly harder and chaotic but more rewarding as you progress. Buy items and collect pickups to counter the ever increasing difficulty of the enemies.

The year is 1976, the recent discovery of a new metal named Radallium has made its way into civilization. The metal has allowed for rapid technological growth in a very short amount of time. The use of this metal however endangered it, leaving a low amount left to use. Mega Corporation Rock Co has nervously sent miners once more looking for any Radallium left in space. You however are trying to stop this - As an employee of the United Nations, you have been sent on an important peacekeeping mission to protect a rock deeply embedded with Radallium. Rock Co will remain relentless and do ANYTHING in their power to retrieve that rock you are so desperately trying to protect, how far will you go to protect it?

  • Complete different generated quests each play through
  • Mine ores to purchase unique items or exchange them for scrap
  • Manage your planet and have citizens produce resources for you
  • Collect upgrades to further strengthen you and your rock
  • Choose from 9 different characters to play as, each with a different play style