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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2016-09-02 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: syuuyuusya Publisher: syuuyuusya Website:

Game Description


A ruby was discovered at an ancient ruin. Compared to other stones excavated at dig sites across the empire this gem appeared to house a far greater power, and with that power, an important role to play.

Chain (player character) sensed the ruby's purpose, and decided to embark on a quest to return it to its original place in the ruins. Her now former allies, however, pursue her to take it back.

○Command the Chains!

The player character (Chain) uses whipping techniques to control chains as her weapon. She has a variety of attacks including not only side slashing, but also a "rising slash" attack and a "slam" attack to damage downed enemies! Her attacks can also be charged by holding the attack button expanding her arsenal of techniques!

○The Background Creates a Thrilling Sensation of Speed

The background graphics are constantly moving forward giving players a thrilling sensation of speed. Enemies are relentless and will keep the player on edge.

○An Expansive Cast of Enemies

As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter a diverse cast of enemies to defeat! Some enemies will fly through the air or perform other special moves pushing the player's skills to the limit! And to turn things up a notch, bosses will enter the fray at the end of each stage! They plan on bringing the pain.

The backgrounds up the tempo and players are well equipped with a plethora of attacks! Test your mettle against a horde of enemies!
Difficulty settings are available to adjust the game for both players that are new to action games and players that want a challenge.