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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2017-08-11 Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation Developer: Dire Nerd Studios Publisher: Dire Nerd Studios Website:

Game Description

Gotta Go is a simulation of a universally relatable situation: Being in an unfamiliar place with an urgent need to go to the bathroom. With pressure mounting, the clock ticking, and only a vague idea where the bathroom is, players must avoid co-workers’ inane blathering and HR’s unwavering gaze as they make their way across the office to find their porcelain sanctuary. Set in a 1990’s cubicle-farm Gotta Go combines arcade-style gameplay with lighthearted humor to create a fun pick-up-and-play experience that will have players challenging themselves and asking for more.


  • Original concept, writing, music and art creates a game full of light-hearted and campy humor in the style of Office Space, Dilbert and other such satirical comedies.
  • 100% original art by artist Mike Denlinger featuring iconographic characters in a tilt-shifted 3D isometric office.
  • Full controller support for PC/Mac as well as the Steam Big Picture devices.
  • Raising awareness for ‘No stomach For Cancer’ a research and support organization specialized in stomach cancer.
  • A living office! Every NPC has their own motivations and goals within the office.
  • Players make use of sprinting, hiding and character interactions to get themselves across the office in the least -conspicuous manner possible.
  • Navigate through goofy and charmingly nonsequitous conversations with oblivious co-workers, OR, avoid their prattling completely with a brisk “Shut up!”
  • Manage imminent needs through the use of powerups and abilities like farting, Bepto Pismol and others.
  • Arcade-style gameplay with varied game modes and “toppings” that will have players pushing themselves and coming back for more!

A Mission Most Dire

Gotta Go is a game about navigating to the finish line. As the title and theme would imply; the finish line is the bathroom. Unfortunately, players are faced with the same challenge one might face in this very situation in real life. Co-workers are chatty folks, and they will seize on any opportunity to fill players ears with their inane blatherings. Players must use their abilities, power-up items and the layout of the office to make the great office crossing to find sanctuary in the porcelain palace.

The Pressure is On

Of course, players can take it nice and slow if there isn’t any pressure to get to the bathroom quickly. Unfortunately, there is pressure, lots of it. Players will need to keep an eye on the Gastric Gauge which serves as a constant reminder of their impending needs. In addition to managing their dwindling time players will have to keep an eye on the Shame-o-Meter which displays how much attention Gus has accumulated on his journey through the office. Persistent from level to level, the Shame-O-Meter indicates how close the Human Resources department is to firing the player, so behave!

Avoid Co-workers

As players talk to co-workers and navigate through their conversations time keeps on ticking. While avoiding co-workers is the first line of defense, some are bound to catch up and start a conversation. When the pressure is on and players have no time to spare they can bellow “Shut up!”, “Talk to the Hand!” or any number of other rude dismissals that will allow them to avoid conversation. Of course, this doesn’t go over well with HR and will rack up some shame on the Shame-O-Meter.

Manage the Pressure

Pressure can be a real problem. When the Gastric Gauge reaches its limit the unthinkable will happen. Avoiding this conclusion at all costs is the very core of the player's mission in Gotta Go. Thankfully, there are actions one can take to delay the relentless march of the pressure gauge. One such action is the tactical release of gaseous pressure. The fart. Although this will allow players to reclaim some of their dwindling time it runs the risk of irritating co-workers who might file a report with HR or chase them down for a confrontation.

Use Resources Wisely

In addition to releasing clouds of noxious gas to forestall the inevitable, players can find power-ups like “Bipto-Pesmol” to calm their tumultuous guts and further delay their doom. In addition to power-ups that calm the ailing stomach, players can find power-ups that repair their damaged reputation and reduce the “Shame-O-Meter” like the TPS report.

Add Some Flavor to Your Playthrough

Additionally, players will be able to modify difficulty levels and toggle a list of “topping” options that will allow them to drastically change the way the game plays. These changes will require different strategies and change the scores received in arcade mode. For example, adding the topping of “Onions” will make it easier to tell co-workers to shut up but will make it more costly on the Shame-O-Meter.

Salvation or Soiled?

Of course there are only two ways this ends, in silent success or a very public failure. Can you save Gus’ pants or will they end up soiled?