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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-09-14 Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early Access Developer: NOUM Publisher: NOUM Website: null

Game Description

Condor stole your precious, delicious corndog! Chase the condor to get your corndog back!

"CORNDOG" is a 2d sidescroll runner game with cartoon-ish graphics and a cute character.
In the game, you can experience from a casual Korean style city mood to an inspiring mother nature.
Run through four different stages following along a simple story line!

Playing "CORNDOG", you will run through four stages which have very different themes and gimmicks.
You will meet various obstacles and items throughout the stages.
Use different objects to help scoring and avoid obstacles to clear the stage!

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Corndog v1.0.1 Patch Notes

Overall Fixed the issue of viewpoint shaking when the character jumps.Town Stage Fixed the bug of jamming after colliding with the giant black cat in the Backstreet. Reduced the difficulty of the Bac