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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2017-09-13 Genre: Action, Casual, Indie Developer: Bytesprite Publisher: Bytesprite Website:

Game Description

BrambleLash is a spritely local multiplayer co-opetition with team swapping action. Enchanted sprites tether together to defeat slimey hordes, whilst plotting the demise of their teammates to get ahead. Connect, co-operate or betray to win!

BrambleLash is best played multiplayer, using controllers (although 2 can play on 1 keyboard!).

Succeed as a team, or fail alone! Link your thorny tether with a partner to destroy enemies. Simple controls and gameplay that can be picked up and understood in a matter of seconds. For both friends, family and frenemies alike!

Co-operate with 1-4 players to overcome the Slime King and his hordes in Adventure mode. Pull your partner to safety (or into danger) with the press of a button. Share a variety of powerups with your friends for amplified effect.

Master a fluid co-op team system allowing you to partner up and work together, then break ties for a tactical team reshuffle or a swift betrayal. Form temporary alliances in Battle mode, then betray your partner in the final moments to secure your own selfish victory.