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i love me, i love me not

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-10-22 Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early Access Developer: MALGOW Publisher: MALGOW Website: https://malgow.net/ilovemeilovemenot

Game Description

ilm, ilmn is a casual relaxing game focusing on teaching players healthy mental-health habits.

you'll play as a sunflower who's been feeling physically and mentally drained, losing their petals - a part of themself - as a result. you'll wander, explore and meet new friends around this beautiful flower field, each teaching you a healthy habit, helping you grow yourself back together again!

each character serves a different purpose for the player :

Sol, the Sun - allows the player to speak about their feelings.
Naveen, the Frog - teaches the player about journaling.
Neptune, the Teardrop - teaches the player a self-love practice.

Atlas, the Tortoise - teaches the player about meditating.
Aphrodite, the Heart - helps the player overcome heartbreak.
Jupiter, the Dog - teaches the player a new skill.