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Red Bit Ninja

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2015-04-30 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Seven Sails Games Publisher: Seven Sails Games Website:

Game Description

Red Bit Ninja is an old school platformer with a rope climbing physic and difficulty of the good old times.
It features classic pixel art, 60 hair pulling levels and five mean bosses.

- Pixel art style
- 5 bosses
- Engaging ninja music
- XBOX 360 Controller Support (preferable play)
- Save Level Major issue fixed.
- Full screen issue fixed.
- Tutorial integrated
- Levels rebuilt from scratch, difficulty balanced better.
- BOSSES rebalance
- New enemies
- New Traps
- Level goals improvement, portal opens with 2/3 of coins.
- Ability to replay levels once game is finished to improve score.