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SWR JST DX Selective Memory Erase Effect

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2015-04-20 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Nekomura Games Publisher: Nekomura Games Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/363920/SWR_JST_DX_Selective_Memory_Erase_Effect/

Game Description

An atmospheric platformer where players fight weird monsters that keep on claiming that they're part of an operating system.

Have you ever noticed the similarities between old platformers and dreams? Locations are flowing, consequences are twisted, and discoveries don't always follow everyday logic.

With 9 worlds to conquer and over 40 levels to discover, SWR JST DX: Selective Memory Erase Effect is inspired by classic console titles, books and movies too numerous to mention, delivered in authentic 256*256 resolution in 256 colors and designed for practice-to-improve style of playing. Other features include: a unique plush model / pixelart integration, great level variety and joypad and keyboard support.

Note: this game does not support saving, but there are unlimited continues which only reset ingame points. Please test whether the game runs on your computer by downloading the free tech demo archive first. It can be downloaded here.

Game controls:
Joypad is autodetected.
Cursor left/right = move,
Cursor down = ducking (slightly extends sword reach!) or ladders down,
Cursor up = ladders up,
a,s,d = action buttons.
For customization, see system controls.

System controls:
Esc = Cabinet menu (exit game, change controls),
F10 = change video mode (resets game!),
F11 = fullscreen/windowed mode,
\ = CRT filter toggle,
[] = CRT brightness.

Please see the announcement on the Community Hub, or readme.txt, for more technical notes.