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Capsule Force

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2015-08-25 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: klobit LLC Publisher: Iron Galaxy Website:

Game Description

Battle head-to-head for control of the galaxies in this frantic multiplayer action game straight out of a 1980s space anime! Blast shots, dodge energy beams, and deflect projectiles as you race your tram into the opposing team's base! Grab the capsule to capture the galaxy before your enemy captures theirs!

Test your skills with over 30 single player missions! Shoot targets, avoid projectiles, and race to the finish!

● 1 - 4 Players
● Fast-Paced Back-and-Forth Competitive Gameplay
● 8 Engaging Arenas
● Over 30 Challenging Single Player Missions

Indie Cade 2014 Official Selection