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Soulsland: Last Fight

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-09-30 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie Developer: Tero Lunkka Publisher: Tero Lunkka Website: null

Game Description


A new evil enemy army and 4 different bosses have captured the souls again; so, you Lord Barbarus are the only brave hero who can destroy this evil army and release the souls. Souls are captured in the gravestone. On every level you will need to kill the boss to win back those captured souls that are trapped at the gravestones.. There are 9 different maps at this medieval themed RPG game. You player are Lord Barbarus brave hero. Every level your mission is to find hidden gravestones where souls are captured, but opening gate you need kill different bosses at every level. So only by killing bosses souls can be saved.
There are 4 bosses: Ninja Woman, Orc Monster, Ghost Witch and Iron warrior. Every level you need avoid enemy army and find boss who need to be destroyed
There are enemy warriors with different weapons like sword,daggers etc. Player start every level without weapons, and need first fight just bare fists. Collect different weapons like daggers, swords, 2hand swords and shield to protect yourself. Also levels contain health potions which increase player health. Inventory system is also at game. Few levels contains bonus achievements golden skulls which are hidden somewhere in map. Game contains different themed maps, like desert, castle, forest etc


- 11 different themed maps
- Several weapons like sword, big sword, daggers, shield to protect and also fighting with just fists
-Health potions
- Inventory system
- Enemies with different weapons. Enemies can also use daggers, fists and swords
- Steam achievements
- Hidden achievements
- 4 different bosses:
- Ninja woman: Ability to teleport
- Orc Monster: Ability to jump and hit
- Ghost witch: Ability to use different magic and melee attacks
- Iron warrior: Ability to fight with sword


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UPDATE 2: 11th map Windmills area

New map Windmills area added. It include boss Orc Monster. Now game has totally 11 maps

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UPDATE 1: New map called Land of grass added

New big map Land of grass added as it contains also 2 achievements

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Store page Chinese and Portugal language

Store page Chinese and Portugal language

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