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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2012-06-22 Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG Developer: devCAT Publisher: NEXON Korea Corp. & NEXON America Inc. Website:

Game Description

A malevolent force shrouds the land and monsters terrorize the last bastions of humanity. All seems lost and yet one hope remains: you.

Take control of a mighty mercenary and leap into the heart of one of the most action-packed MMORPG experiences available. Master the art of combat as you utilize brutal combos, devastating magic and the environment itself to wreak destruction on your foes.

This is unlike any MMORPG you've experienced before. This is Vindictus.

Key Features:

  • Brutal Combat – Experience a complex and fast-paced combat system that raises the bar for the MMO genre. There are dozens of combos to learn and spells to cast, and mastering them is the key to survival.
  • Avatar of War – Choose from sixteen distinct characters, including hulking behemoth Karok and exiled princess Lynn. Each has their own set of skills, exclusive armor and a unique personality. Learn their strengths and weaknesses to conquer your foes.
  • Forged in Blood – The monsters of Vindictus are some of the most fearsome you will ever face, so massive they blot out the sun. The greater the beast, the tougher the challenge, and the greater the rewards.
  • Brothers in Arms – Some horrors are too terrible to be faced alone. Team up with friends, form a clan, and take on Vindictus’ mighty raid bosses. Coordination is key, and only the strongest will survive.
  • Visual Assault – With higher fidelity than nearly every other MMO on the market, Vindictus boasts highly-detailed characters and monsters, explosive particle effects and massive battle arenas.


[CMTY] Edited: Play Achel with GM

Edited: EU GM On-time reward reset time has been modified.Event Period: 8/23/2023 (Wed) - 9/5/2023 (Tue), every day except TuesdaysGMs Damiano and Stefanie will log into Vindictus as a Lv. 1 Achel.We

[EVENT] Beat that Heat with Water Balloons!

Event Period: 9/5/2023 after maintenance – 9/19/2023 before maintenanceA water balloon fight is a great way to beat the heat this summer! 💧🎈Click HERE for the Event Details

[SALES] Achel Avatar Shop Description

Sale Period: Tuesday 8/22 after maintenance - Always on SaleThe brand-new Wild Sunset Hair matches Achel's rough edges.Click HERE to check the details of Achel Avatar Shop!!

[EVENT] Summer 2023 Golden Time Event

Event Period: 8/22/2023 - 10/24/2023Exchange Shop Period: Tuesday 8/22/2023 - Tuesday 10/31/2023- A 24-hour Hot Time will run throughout the Golden Time event.- Log in for at least 2 hours on Saturda

[CMTY] GM Coin Collection Event Season 3

Event period: 2023/8/22 – 2024/1/16Exchange Shop Period: 2023/8/22 – 2024/1/23GM Coins can be obtained by participating in events held on Discord and social platforms.You can earn coins as Participat

[CMTY] GM COIN S3: Achel Guide Challenge

Event Period: 8/22/2023 (Tue) after maintenance - 9/19/2023 (Tue) before maintenanceA new character, Achel, has arrived in Vindictus!Once you've mastered Achel, create the best strategy guide or walk

[CMTY] Play Achel with GM - Coming Soon!

COMING SOON - Let's play Achel with Vindictus GM!!Stay tuned for more information and join our Discord so you don't miss the events!>> Click Here to Join the Official Discord Server

[EVENT] Sharing is Caring Hot Time Event!!

Event Period: 8/22/2023 - 9/26/2023The Sharing is Caring Hot Time Event is back! Equipment Share and Transfer costs will be 30% off during this event. This event is for users Lv. 110+, as you must be

[EVENT] Achel's Celebratory Package Event

One week prior to Achel release! 💘🎉Please don't forget to get your Achel's Celebratory Package!CLICK HERE for EVENT details!

[UPDATE] 23rd New Hero Achel Update

23rd NEW HERO ACHEL UPDATEThis Summer, the Red Hound Achel has arrived to Vindictus!Come join the game and experience Achel in action. CLICK HERE for More of Achel!

[EVENT] Step by Step Level Up Event

Event Period: 8/22/2023 - 9/26/2023■ Event Details:> The Step by Step Level Up Event Guide will be sent to your Account mailbox during the event period. - You will receive one the first time you log

[EVENT] Flopping Fish Event

Event Period: 8/8/2023 after maintenance – 8/22/2023 before maintenanceExchange Shop: 8/8/2023 after maintenance - 8/29/2023 before maintenanceFish with the Sturdy Fishing Rod and fish up coupons and

[SALES] August Crystal: Marine Crystal

Sales Period: Tuesday 8/22/2023 after maintenance - Tuesday 9/19/2023 before maintenanceExchange Shop: Tuesday 8/22/2023 after maintenance - Tuesday 9/26/2023 before maintenanceFilled to the brim wit

[EVENT] Shayla's Gathering Dungeon Event!!

Event Period: 8/22/2023 - 9/19/2023 When you log in with a Lv. 70+ character during the event, you can start the Gathering Dungeon through Shayla. Use the Gathering Dungeon Entry Ticket, provided dai

[EVENT] BOGO Prize Wheel Event

Event Period: 8/22/2023 after maintenance – 9/26/2023 before maintenance Obtain 3 BOGO Prize Wheel Tickets when you complete Daily Missions.  Spin the Prize Wheel using BOGO Prize Wheel Tickets to re

[STORY] Achel

Achel, a boy from the slums of fallen Connacht, has a fateful encounter with a foreign priestess, Sophia. Through her, he is finally able to dream of a better life, a paradise far removed from the ha

[INTRO] Achel

Achel, a boy from the slums of fallen Connacht, has a fateful encounter with a foreign priestess, Sophia. Through her, he is finally able to dream of a better life, a paradise far removed from the ha

[UPDATE] Ver.3.03 Update Note

Ver. 3.03 Update NoteTable of Contents New Character Update: Achel Battle Circuit Improvements Item Changes Other ChangesClick HERE to check the details!!

[SALES] August Package: Summer Sunshine Comrade Package

Sales Period: 8/22/2023 - 10/24/2023Exchange Shop Period: 8/22/2023 - 10/31/2023It's tough to fight in the intense heat of the summer sun. Get help from the Comrade Package!Click HERE to check the de