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No. of Players: Single Release Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Core Engage Publisher: Core Engage Website:

Game Description

When the Old World collapsed, humanity fell into chaos. The solar flare destroyed every institution of human civilization, causing people to fend for themselves in a collective frenzy for survival.
Your group grew up in such a world, a world of desperate tribalism where the very atmosphere is struggling to stay alive. Now, you seek to restore purpose and unity to humanity while ensuring the continuity of living existence.
Though the first project from Core Engage, New Cycle seeks to bring fresh new life to the colony survival genre by improving and reiterating on all of its cornerstones, both narratively and mechanically.

Manage a Vast Web of Resources
The gifts of the earth are vital for collective survival. Whether by foraging, mining or trade, see to your people's needs and build up a resource cycle that can stand up to any challenge presented by the New World.

Face an Uncaring World
No matter our designs and decisions, nature marches on. The eroded atmosphere of the New World presents an extremely fickle seasonal cycle, as well as destructive events that may bring unforeseen challenges to your settlement.

Lead Your People
Your people are your primary resource, as well as your devoted followers. Support them any way you can, manage their Morale, Efficiency and Workforce size, but take care that they don't fall into discontent or covet your power as Chief of their House.

Sculpt Your Settlement
From the footpaths up to the factories, the geography of New Cycle is your canvas. Divide your settlement into grids or build freely. Create a majestic city worthy of your capability as a leader.

Move Humanity Forward
In the New World as well as in the Old, knowledge is power and unity is strength. Overcome obstacles by developing vital forgotten technologies and enacting unifying societal rules. Remember, some of these advancements may be essential in propagating life on Earth as a whole.


Steam Builder Fest Report

Dear Workers, Crafters, Specialists and Everyone Else,As Core Engage, we were very excited about the first open demo process of New Cycle. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this organ