Rebirth Update (MAJOR UPDATE IS HERE!)

Author: From Steam
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023
My Heart Your Soul Game Banner
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Developer: Javeah Interactive
Release Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2022
Watch the Official trailer for My Heart Your Soul Rebirth Update. This major update of the game sees the story given a new experience with fixed performance issues and new features for returning players.


  • Diary Page Collecting
    - Before this update, the game had a QuickTime mini game before collecting the page. That has been removed. The page collecting is still there, including a change in the numbered amount being collected in that segment as well. At first, it was felt it could make collecting more interesting, but the QuickTime event system there ended up only hindering the experience. Also a page count was added to keep track of how many pages were collected.
  • Soul Evaluation Fixed
    - There were issues where depending on the answers you gave during Angel’s Soul Evaluation you’d only end up with just Blue. For story purposes, Blue is the correct answer for Javi, but as a player yourself, the additional soul colors are now fine tuned that now, depending on the answer you give in the evaluation, you can get any color within the soul spectrum.
  • Mysteries in Darkness Additional Content
    - The mini game is the same at its core, but new things were added to enhance the gameplay. Hidden rooms hold items that can assist your journey through Castle Eternal to retrieve the Eternal Sword. The monsters are now more aggressive than your last encounter with them.
  • Memory of Dreams Integration
    - With the upcoming light novella, My Heart Your Soul: Memory of Dreams, liberty was taken to integrate elements of that story to create clear continuity of where that story stands in the overall narrative with the inclusion of updated dialogue and additional interactions in scenes with certain characters.
  • New Minigames
    - New ways to interact with the story! I felt these inclusions would help make the story more engaging naturally and bring additional sense of fun interaction between characters and the player. Within the State Fair a Dance segment was added (Much better than just waiting for the scene and song to play and move on) and within the Winter Festival memory, a small scavenger hunt was included.
  • Additional Interactive Dialogue
    - Certain items depending on the character you have in your party could create an interaction when used. Some characters you interacted with previously from past playthrough’s will have new or additional dialogue and options.
  • AutoSave Feature
    - For players who might forget to manually save or hate saving manually, fear not there is now an Autosave feature integrated into the game. At various points during your play through, your game will automatically save itself. The manual saving is still an available option.
  • Artwork Improvements
    - As an artist I like to improve even if I feel a piece is great. As this game was being improved upon, I took the liberty of updating the artwork for some of the characters as well even if it’s a minor touch up. Some expressions were redone and added a new one or two to give a sense these characters are alive in some capacity.
  • Visual Improvements
    - Certain parts of the game felt lacking in atmosphere so liberty was taken to enhance it. The state fair is the most improved now feeling like an actual Fair with a few lighting touch ups throughout the game to give a mystical feel. You will also notice the pause menu is different including new options in the options menu such as keyboard configuration and many more.
  • Secret Room
    - In this game now lies a secret room. Find the key. Find the door. See what lies within.
  • Achievements
    - The desire for this to had been out alongside the game, but there was trouble integrating Steam’s achievement system. Now, a way was found. As you play through the game, enjoy unlocking these achievements.
    (Not all achievements can be unlocked through one play through for they are achieved by certain choices made within the story. The hardest one I can say right now to unlock will be getting White during the Soul Evaluation.)

This being Javeah Interactive's (and mine) first game, I want to put my best foot forward even if there are future improvements needed to give the best experience possible. So, I hope this major update gives just that. I’ve learned a lot when I first created this game and I’m still learning now with this update as we move forward through gameplay and story.

The Game's Creator