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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2021-03-02 Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Meteor Shock Publisher: Meteor Shock Website: null

Game Description

Become chief of police for the city of Freemont. Hire and equip traffic cops, investigators, and SWAT officers. Shape the behavior of the entire police force by customizing department policy. Dispatch your police officers to crimes and watch as they carry out their duties based on the rules you set for them.

Unlock special perks and tools to withstand crime waves, use spike strips to stop fleeing vehicles, deploy undercover agents to catch criminals in the act, and send out the police helicopter to spot trouble from afar.

The city is alive with innocents and suspects who carry out their activities whether you see them or not. The world around you reacts to your choices, as the criminal ecosystem retreats in the face of swift justice or grows bolder in response to leniency. Protect and serve the public and you'll win their trust; but if you fail, they'll come to hate you and you might just get yourself fired.

Key Features

  • More than 30 crimes and events to dispatch your units to, including property crimes, violence and vice, noise complaints, and traffic violations.
  • Department policy, skill filters, training, gear assignment, and customizable patrol routes allow you to manage law enforcement in any way you see fit.
  • Play freely in an open-ended sandbox mode, or enable Challenges and work to fulfill specific objectives.
  • Opinion polls and newspapers provide feedback on your performance.
  • Gather intelligence by arresting suspects and connect with informants to expose crime throughout the city.
  • Intricate sound design that not only brings the big city to life but can also provide clues to hidden criminal activity.
  • Extensive tutorial and in-game manual.
  • Nearly an hour of original music.


1.1.14 Update

AutonomyIf you've ever felt overwhelmed keeping up with crime in Freemont, this update is for you!This update adds a new policy called "Autonomy" that allows units to automatically respond to most ca

1.1.13 Update

A crowd of onlookers may now spawn around homicide and burglary investigations. The presence of these curious citizens will drive down your Enforcement score. The onlookers can be dispersed by sendin

1.0.3 Update

Crime bubbles now pulse more brightly when they need a unit dispatched to them. Crime bubbles darken more once the first responder has arrived. This is to help players better understand when they no

1.1.5 Update

Fixed a bug that caused unit controllers not to appear in the tutorial.Support added for 32:9 resolution.Modified the Fast Food call to fix a problem that allowed only units with Interrogation greate

1.0.1 Update

Added support for additional aspect ratios and resolutions, including 3440 x 1440.Fixed a bug that allowed the player to use the Forensics Outsourcing perk without being charged for it when restartin

1.1.11 Update

This small update allows the user to disable Crime Waves.Players who want a more peaceful experience can set Crime Waves to "None" from the main menu while setting up a new game.

1.1.10 Update

Fixed a bug that could cause venue icons to appear at the incorrect size.Fixed a bug that caused the UI bracket that surrounds the helicopter while it's selected to remain visible even when the helic

1.1.7 Update

The Recruiting Drive perk now has a chance to increase the skills of applicants while it is active, in addition to also reducing the time it takes to reshuffle the applicant list.The game now feature

1.0.4 Update

Improvements made to handle system memory more efficiently. This fixes some crashes, especially when restoring or starting a game.Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause nearby units to fail to eng

1.1.9 Update

This simple update re-balances the system for figuring Service approval scores.The previous system was a lifetime score that reflected your performance over the entire course of a game. This made it

1.0.2 Update

Camera can now be moved while the game is paused.Suspects committing a moving crime (such as speeding or car theft) who run from the cops will now remain visible until they reach the map edge. This f

1.1.16 Update

This small update corrects a bug that made it impossible to unlock the Party Crasher achievement.

1.1.12 Update

This small update improves the way crime and sting icons are scaled at various resolutions.

1.1.8 Update

The New Game setup menu has a new feature called "Crime Curve" that allows you to determine how quickly more advanced types of crimes are allowed to start spawning in the game. The Easy setting will

1.1.15 Update

This small update corrects a bug that made it impossible to unlock the House Cleaner achievement.

1.1.6 Update

Suspects running from police are now vulnerable to spike strips even if there are no units actively pursuing them. Backup can now be assigned by selecting a unit and clicking another unit currently p

New content update coming soon!

To: Chief of Police of FreemontSubject: New content coming soonWe're excited about a brand new update coming to JURISDICTION, and we'd like to take a moment to tell you what you can expect to see!Rea

1.1.17 Update

Fixed a missing tooltip for the "Coverage" meter on the Prostitution Sting interface.Fixed a bug that allowed the user to create multiple stings for a selected unit by repeatedly pressing the Sting s

Update 1.1.4 is here!

To: Chief of Police of FreemontSubject: New content has arrived!Version 1.1.4 of the game is live, and it brings with it a new Challenge mode, new crime, new perk, new features, and various tweaks an