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Cairn Stone Balancing

Developed by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd

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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2022-09-19 Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer: Ammonite Design Studios Ltd Publisher: Ammonite Design Studios Ltd Website: null

Game Description

Cairn Stone Balancing is a relaxing, meditative and satisfying game in which stones are stacked on top of one other to create land art. These balanced rock piles, or stone sculptures, are also known as stone cairns.

Simply use the mouse to rotate, maneuver and stack stones to make sculptures in a variety of inspiring landscapes. Enjoy the zen-like, relaxing experience of rock balancing. Meditate, relax, be creative, and have fun.

Challenge yourself to complete tasks in challenge mode in order to unlock new levels and stones, or simply build whatever you like in creative mode.

The game features:

• Thousands of different rock shapes, sizes, patterns and types
• Beautiful locations: From beaches to mountains, waterfalls to deserts
• Real environmental ambient sounds
• Relaxing ASMR rock stacking sound effects
• Cutting edge, realistic graphics
• Ability to save and load sculptures
• Task challenges
• Easy to use mouse based controls