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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2023-07-31 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG Developer: Xiaming Game Publisher: Xiaming Game Website: null

Game Description

◆ World view ◆

For two hundred years, the AI YUAN has been working scrupulously to fulfill duties that she was designed to cover, from submitting to human’s will to providing necessary resources and HashRate. Under the rules made by her, there is no hunger, crimes or wars within the YUAN world. Neither is there any free wills.
The ever-updating and -iterating Yuan has been more perfect than the very original one. Now she is behaving like a god, laying her eyes on humans without being perceived any of her real thoughts. Someone doubts that the Yuan has long since transformed from our servant to supreme God of all things. Finally, the suspicion comes to be confirmed. Then the core of computing has to be shut down forcefully and the world is split into two parts—the outer world and inner world.

◆ Space jump and time control ◆

Yuan seems to be anywhere or nowhere.
- It is able to jump into the space you just briefly visit through “gap of light” .
- Retreat to the back of the monsters you go in hot pursuit and starts a sneak raid, or shuttle in highly sophisticated mechanism, solving problems with clever ideas.

◆ The tow worlds ◆

- Making exploration in the vast area of Yuan and roaming unscrupulously in the world constituted of HashRate.
- Step into the desolated wildness area of Inside world, being addicted to the mysterious past inscribed on a broken stone tablet or wonder around the well-organized streets in the orderly outside world, getting a glimpse into the power of Yuan.

◆ Match enhancement module ◆

- Equip the area under your rule with booster/buff module, which will bring you special combating effectiveness.
- Make your choice from 30 plus powerful modules to form your own unique fighting style.

◆ Stylized scene ◆

- Bored by non-stop fighting? Then welcome to the adventure for new map.
- For this part, players will be put into stylized scenes softly and lightly rendered. The beautiful scenery throughout the journey and the treasures hiding under the stones covered with lush vegetation will make more fun for your exploration.

◆ New skill ◆

- Obtain the skill of “Backtrack Cutting” and “Long-time retention” in each area.
- The more familiar you are to those skills, the higher your fighting effectiveness will be, the more possible to figure out the challenging riddles and the more areas that used to be impossible to reach will be available.