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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2020-03-13 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie Developer: Team Scynix Publisher: Team Scynix Website:

Game Description


Fight against all odds and repel an entire army from the great city of Itenbaal!

Without warning, an experimental battalion composed entirely of humadroids went haywire during a sandstorm and turned on their very own place of creation.
They are called "Nadros".

Not only are they rapidly gaining terrain, but they also have under their hand a virus that turns anything with a processor into one of their ally.

The symptoms before complete infection are;

  • Staggered motor functions
  • Visions of "impossible" scenarios, tethering on the verge of paranormality
  • Overheating main core

Should you experience anything of the sort, you must destroy the source of infection at all cost.


Home of all modern technological wonders!

Despite being almost entirely cut-off from the outer world, Itenbaal prides itself with its high-tech facilities, practically perfecting self-sufficiency even though it is located in the middle of drylands.

From self-maintaining power plants to underground labs fashioned from natural caves, From artificial nature parks to metal foundry directed by humadroids; the whole city has been designed to be as low-maintenance as possible!

Which makes the current situation much worse.


Being a Class-C you are ill-fitted for combat.

Give yourself an edge by layering yourself with equipment.
From boots to overclock your processor, to chest plates to damper damage... Every bit makes you a stronger Humadroid.

It might even help you reach places you though were inaccessible.


An advantage of being a Class-C is malleability.

Be it a linear design or something made yourself, no harm in looking at your best!


Take the game beyond its limits.

Newgame+ is more than just a higher difficulty, more vicous enemies and boss encounters awaits you ahead!