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No. of Players: Single Release Date: 2017-10-11 Genre: Casual, Indie Developer: Bjarki Arge Andreasen Publisher: Bjarki Arge Andreasen Website: null

Game Description

Ever wanted to soar around on top of an 3D audio visualizer? Well, here you go fam <3

The game builds the terrain based on the music playing, if there is no music, there is no game. You can add your own music, or play the 21 fantastic songs featured in the game, made by 7 different highly talented musicians.

The game comes with three distinct maps that are visually diverse, however their functionality is the same.
It is best played with a game pad (XBox 360 controller or Xinput emulator), It´s however not required.

The game is completely free of any DRM. It is meant to be enjoyed hasle free for everyone for all time <3
as long as you buy it of course :D

The game costs the equivalent of three cheesburgers, and will most curtainly deliver at least the same amount of enjoyment
although without the shame :D

Please note that imported music must be in the .WAV format.